Let OPIE Software experts support your team and improve your practice through education and consulting.

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Learn from the experts.

While OPIE Software’s full suite of online training tools are a great way for many practices to learn and adapt to the OPIE System, there can also be a great value in having an advisor from our OPIE Professional Services Team to help your practice. We offer a wide range of onsite & virtual training services for new or even long-time OPIE practices. These OPIE Software experts can guide you through a variety of areas, including billing, administration, and purchasing & inventory.

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Optimize your practice.

OPIE Consulting Services focus on your challenges and opportunities. With OPIE Consulting, you are collaborating with a partner who understands the intersection of healthcare, business and data analytics. We identify and focus on the areas you need. Whether it’s workflow, office layout, WIP optimization, organizational management, auditing, revenue cycle management, custom dashboard creation, or anything else you might need to succeed, we have the expertise to get you moving in the right direction.

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Professional Services Team

We’ve mastered the OPIE Workflow and want to help your practice excel. Meet our team of OPIE Software experts ready to support your practice management needs. No matter how complex your business questions, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver solutions.

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Sandy Howell

Customer Success Manager

Sandy has an extensive background in finance focused in O&P and general healthcare. She has experience implementing organizational and procedural change, as well managing project control, cost/schedule/budget and administrative functions.

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DeAnna Chapman MSPO, CPO, FAAOP

Business Intelligence Consulting Manager

DeAnna has over 15 years of clinical experience as an ABC certified prosthetist orthotist. She has experience with data-informed organization management, clinical documentation, business intelligence and data analytics. DeAnna has prior consulting experience at Accenture within the Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing group.

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LuAnn Carter

Customer Success Manager

LuAnn has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare and healthcare software industries. She joined OPIE Software in 2013 and is currently a Customer Success Manager. In this role LuAnn works with OPIE and Futura Customers to implement the software and help refine any internal business processes. She specializes in assisting clinics in managing change and utilizing OPIE efficiently to ensure the success of their practice. LuAnn has ample experience with training customers for success through virtual and onsite trainings.”

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Susanne Kasza

Customer Success Manager

Susanne has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, providing customer support, training, consulting and implementation services, for a wide range of health care organizations, throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. She has been with OPIE since 2015 and utilizes her experiences, education, project management and problem-solving skills, for every customer she works with. Currently, Susanne travels to client locations and conducts client webinars to assist in the successes of both new and existing OPIE and Futura customers

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Pam Lupo CO


Pam has over 35 years of clinical experience as an ABC certified orthotist and a current ABC facility accreditation surveyor. She is on the AOPA Coding & Reimbursement committee and is a past board member of AOPA. Pam’s expertise includes clinical operations and compliance management, staffing and human resources, and revenue cycle management.

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Anita Liberman-Lampear MA


Anita was Director of the University of Michigan O&P Center for over 25 years and is a past president of AOPA. Her expertise includes interdepartmental communication with hospital and administration, business assessment and development, organizational leadership, staffing and human resources and financial and operational management.

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